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A real estate agent in Georgia is someone acting as an intermediate between the seller and the buyer of real property or real estate by finding a buyer for a seller who wants to sell and a buyer for the seller who wants to purchase. In US, this relationship of agents in buying and selling was established by the reference to English common law of agency.

Real estate broker in Georgia gets the deals for a buyer and seller of the property in a way that is benefitting both of them and then taking the commission according to the selling price. Apart from selling, renting of the property is also done for the owners. They assist the seller in advertising their property and getting the highest price possible for sale under the best suitable terms. And they facilitate the buyer as well by acting as their agent for getting them their desired property at lowest price possibly under the best suitable terms. It is a relationship of trust and Georgia real estate agent does this duty very efficiently. Although in some cases confusion is created when the broker assists both the seller and the buyer called dual agency but these agents are experienced in dealing with both and providing them with their required outcomes.

Traditionally, an agent serves the seller in selling his property and getting him the best buyer with a good deal of price. But this is not good for the buyer, so if the agent says that he will get the buyer lowest possible price then he is practicing the undisclosed dual agency. And this practice is illegal and unethical in all of the states, so it is important for the agent to declare in the beginning of the transaction that to whom is he representing as the client and to whom as customer. This is necessary practice because the relationship between the broker and the client involves disclosure, accounting, obedience, loyalty, confidentiality and care. And to protect this license of dual agency a real estate brokers in Georgia makes all the parties to sign an agreement to ensure their customer honest and fair dealings.

According to the jurisdictions, a broker should have a license before he starts doing his work of making transactions. Working without a license is illegal, however, in case the seller and buyer dealing like principals in the purchase or sale of the property are not mandatory to have a license. In addition, lawyers can also handle the property affairs for compensation without having the license for an agent or a broker.

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